Accidental Sexiness


Tyrese talks Death Race August 30, 2008

Model turned actor Tyrese Gibson was on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about his latest flick with Jason Statham entitled, “Death Race.”

Tyrese chats about his latest projects, why he is listening to people’s complaints, working out with Will Smith and his latest role as Machine Gun Joe.


2 Responses to “Tyrese talks Death Race”

  1. moreandagain Says:

    I love Tyrese. People slept on his singing skills. I was just listening to “Lately” the other day, and I forgot what a good song it really is. He’s done pretty well in movies too. And, of course, he’s not bad to look

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Tyrese is gorgeous! Props for him being able to handle doing so much. His acting career has been coming up. I think its safe to say we have a lot more to see of Mr. Gibson.

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