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Why is a toe injury such a big deal? August 30, 2008

Kim Kardashian cut her toe open recently and for some reason people consider this major news? She has been asked to explain the same story during every interview! Let it die people!

Kim K was on Letterman yesterday to promote her toe injury, Dancing with the Stars, and Disaster Movie. I do have to give her credit for those fierce shoes she’s wearing, love them!



Halle isn’t hiding baby Nahla anymore!

Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey created one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!  5 month old Nahla enjoyed a nice day at the Los Angeles Zoo while a bodyguard site by and protected the 3 generations of Berry women.

Rumors are out there that Berry and her baby daddy Gabriel are going to get hictched.  One thing is for sure they make good looking babies!

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New movie trailer for Passengers


After a plane crash, a young therapist, Claire (Anne Hathaway), is assigned by her mentor (Andre Braugher) to counsel the flight’s five survivors. When they share their recollections of the incident — which some say include an explosion that the airline claims never happened — Claire is intrigued by Eric (Patrick Wilson), the most secretive of the passengers. Just as Claire’s professional relationship with Eric — despite her better judgment — blossoms into a romance, the survivors begin to disappear mysteriously, one by one. Claire suspects that Eric may hold all the answers and becomes determined to uncover the truth, no matter the consequences. (IMDb)




Shannen Doherty: 90210 Promo Pix!

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In lieu of all the excitement attached to Brenda’s return to 90210, the CW has released these promotional pictures of what’s to come.  They don’t give much away but I’m happy to see Brenda is back!


Yoda blocked from joining Facebook?

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Was Yoda blocked from joining Facebook? This is a true story!

A Japanese author named Hiroko Yoda has tried to register with the popular social networking site Facebook numerous times without success.  She wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that her unusual last name was shared with the famous Jedi Master?  So she tried to sign up with a variation of her name, including Youda and Yohda, and she was able to register.

After contacting Facebook she claims she was told that Yoda had been placed on a name blacklist because so many members pretended to be the fictional three-fingered seer. The website only allows people to join under their real names.

“Facebook blocks the registration of a number of names that are frequently abused on the site,” the website’s message read.

“The name ‘Yoda’, also being the name of a popular Star Wars character, is on this list of blocked names.”

Under Facebook’s terms and conditions, users must agree not to “impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself”.

The rules also dictate that members must not “register for a User account on behalf of an individual other than yourself”.

Yoda is a fairly common surname in Japan, and a search of Facebook reveals dozens of apparently genuine members with the name.

This is great news for my friend Maria Chewbacca!



Bones Season 4 Promo’s

David Boreanaz and the cast of Bones are returning for Season 4 on September 6th on Fox.  Check out their latest promo shotz!


Flight of the Conchords: 2nd Season will be final season!

Noooo! Please say this isn’t so!

I just read that our favorite comedic duo, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement will only make one more season of their hit HBO show, Flight of the Conchords. The guys confess they were struggling with “a difficult second series” during an interview for Q.

“We’ve got a lot of half-songs,” said Clement. “We’ve got an album’s worth of beginnings of songs.”

McKenzie revealed this series, made up of 10 new episodes, would likely be the last. “The second series seems to me like it would be a good end to the show. I feel like another 10… that will be enough.”

Ricky Gervais did the same thing with “The Office” and “Extra’s” leaving the fans wanting more.

The guys are also pursuing other avenues, including auditioning for movies.

McKenzie told Q he had applied for a part in a film adaptation of the Justice League of America.

Flight of the Conchords, has brought the guys international acclaim, along with winning a Grammy award for best comedy album.

Please excuse me while I go jump off a bridge…………