Accidental Sexiness


Kristin Chenoweth on Jimmy Kimmel Live August 29, 2008

Kristin Chenoweth was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night promoting the return of her hit tv show, “Pushing Daisies.”  She is a total riot!

Listen to why she says she won’t pose naked for Playboy!


6 Responses to “Kristin Chenoweth on Jimmy Kimmel Live”

  1. I laughed through the entire thing!

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Me too!

  3. Loved her in Wicked and she is a gem!

  4. accidentalsexiness Says:

    I”ve never seen anything on Broadway! I need to get out more often!

  5. sandworm Says:

    She’s great and so is ‘Pushing Daisies’, you can see a really funny video short she did on funny or die at, then if you want to see what a hideous C.H.U.D. I am you could go by

  6. I think it toured in FLA last year, but it wasn’t with the original cast so she wasn’t present. Have you seen this show she is promoting? Any good?

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