Accidental Sexiness


Is Chad Michael Murray’s fiance too thin? August 29, 2008

One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray was spotted at LAX this week with his Posh-look-alike fiance Kenzie Dalton.  Her haircut looks fierce but she needs to get something to eat!

One Trill Hill returns to the CW on Monday, September 1st.


3 Responses to “Is Chad Michael Murray’s fiance too thin?”

  1. chris Says:

    wow. that’s sad and gross. she’s bones and skin. nothing about that is feminine or attractive.

  2. moreandagain Says:

    To answer the question. . . yes. . . she’s too thin!

  3. ♥LaArNi♥ Says:

    Dear Chad,

    how’s your day???
    I would like to tell you that I’m happy that you’ve found the right woman for you…
    You know what… I really really love your movie together with hilary duff!!!!!
    oh shit!!!! i think i should go or else i’m going to kiss this screen, imagining that it’s you….
    GOD!!! I Like FIONA also…
    “Winners got Prices… Where’s your prices???********** I’m very very very very upset…. ************* AWW.,, It’s the BOTOX, i can’t show motion for another one and a half hour…..”

    – thanks a lot –


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