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Tim Gunn pwns Jennifer Aniston August 28, 2008

ANTM’s Tim Gunn says that Jennifer Aniston looks desperate! Gunn has taken notice since her and douche John Mayer broke up but I think she has been trying to prove something since her divorce with Brad Pitt.

“Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her,” Tim told OK! at the Manhattan launch party for Tide and Downy Total Care. “The clothes we wear send a message. And I think that’s the message — I don’t think that’s her intention though.”

So does her look give us any clues about why the four-month relationship failed? Says Tim: “I can’t help but think that’s she’s pretty high-maintenance.”


3 Responses to “Tim Gunn pwns Jennifer Aniston”

  1. doulangel Says:

    oh whatever! he knows so much about her by the clothes she puts on that he can make a coment like that!? he’d probably stand in front of her dumbfounded by her celebrity and beauty if he actually ever had the chance to meet her.

  2. Tulip Says:

    Gotta agree with Tim Gunn here. I think her demeanor and actions are pathetic and desperate – not a clothing expert so I won’t challenge his assessment.

    What kind of a woman calls her ex mother-in-law to cry on her shoulder about a break up while the ex mother-in-law is visiting with her son and his family – especially with newborn twins to boot!

    The woman is losing it big time.

  3. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Yeah I have to agree with you Tulip. I hear she is very open about her relationship with Brad’s mother. If you and your partner break up you should kind of let go of the family and move on.

    She has not been the same since she got dissed by Brad.

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