Accidental Sexiness


Michelle and Solange rock MusicFest! August 23, 2008

Ex-Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams and Solange Knowles performed at the J & R MusicFest in downtown New York on Thursday.  Michelle is releasing her first album in 4 years entitled, “Unexpected.”  She is changing her sound from previous albums and going for more of a contemporary pop/dance sound.  It will be available in stores on October 7th.

But will Destiny’s Child get back together?

“Wow! Everyone is asking that!” Williams replied. “I’m glad to know that’s what people want. We’ll see. We haven’t talked business in like three years. “(We) just talk friendship. At the end of the day, if we never do get back together, we have the gift of friendship and that sisterhood.”

Solange performed “I decided” in front of her many fans including her biggest fans, sister Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z and her mother Tina.

Rounding out the list of great performances was actor Terrence Howard.


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