Accidental Sexiness


Adrian Grenier loves Aussie girls! August 23, 2008

Was Shia Labeuf the reason why Adrian Grenier broke up with Isabel Lucas? Maybe not.  Adrian might have already been hooking up with hottie Australian weather girl Liz Cantor! There are implications that Liz was staying with Grenier in his Los Angeles apartment for two weeks last month.

The couple has recently been spotted holding hands and canoodling at L.A. hotspot, Hyde.

Cantor has this to say about Grenier, “I want to be known for my work and not for my friends. Adrian has always really respected that and he has always kept our friendship really private.”


3 Responses to “Adrian Grenier loves Aussie girls!”

  1. gabriellabellaaa Says:

    Adrian Grenier really annoys me for some reason.
    I feel like he is really full of himself, and thinks he is a total pimp now.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Yeah agreed, to be quite honest, I don’t find him that attractive.

  3. hihi Says:

    adrian doesn’t own an apartment in LA. he lives in a house. so stupid. isabel and him had reasons for breaking up which were not related to this chick. poor girl. she shouldn’t be involved in this drama.

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