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Hugh Laurie does Emmy Mag! August 22, 2008

Hugh Laurie has come along way since his days on “Jeeves and Wooster.” This is a great interview that goes into how Laurie auditioned and won his role on “House” in a hotel room in Namibia while filming “The Flight of the Phoenix” with Dennis Quaid.

He recalls loving the role as soon as he read it, “It was like a piece of music” he says.  “I felt like I knew how it should sound.  It didn’t have anything to do with medical accuracy or behavioral accuracy.  The pages to me seemed like pieces of music, and I just knew how they should be played.”

Executive Producers Katie Jacobs and Bryan Singer were having trouble finding the right actor to play the role of “House.”  Other actors who were being considered were, Patrick Dempsey, Rob Morrow, Denis Leary, and Damian Lewis.

“It was a tough role to cast,” Jacobs recalls.  “If he didn’t have a gravitas, you wouldn’t believe in his intellect.  If he didn’t have a sense of humor, you’d think he was an asshole.  If he didn’t have pain and wasn’t wounded behind the eyes, you’d never forgive him.”

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3 Responses to “Hugh Laurie does Emmy Mag!”

  1. Jacqueline M. Says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. Hugh Laurie certainly fits the role really well and was made for it, and of course, the others actors mentioned are quite fine actors themselves like Damian Lewis.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    I can totally see what the producers mean when they say that it was a tough role to cast. I can’t image any other actor being able to play “House”

  3. […] something and wants Crews off the force, an ex wife with a new husband…” An Emmy magazine interview with actor Hugh Laurie indicates that Damian Lewis was one of the actors under consideration for […]

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