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Mohinder and Maya love plot? August 21, 2008

I love Heroes spoilers!  It has just been so long since its been on the tube that every magazine I get I look for something on Heroes.  Well guys, it paid off!  In the latest TV Guide there is this great article about Mohinder and Maya!

Here is the excerpt:

Dr. Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) will finally get a superpower of his own-one that sends him down a dark and scary path.

“He injects himself with the serum he developed to cure Maya [Dania Ramirez] and doesn’t know how to control it,” reveals Ramamurthy. “It becomes a real Jekyll-and-Hyde thing.  I never would have imagined that the genetrics professor who’s been getting his ass kicked for two seasons would suddenly be the one who’s kicking ass.”

Or getting laid.  Mohinder and Maya will have some extremely steamy enounters this fall-a first for the show.  “Heroes is not known for romantic relationships because it would be so lame to have two people kissing and making eyes at each other while the world is at stake.  We needed to go all the way in a raw and real way,” Ramirez says.  “Our show is geared to the young, male audience.  I think they’re ready for some sex.  And,” Ramirez adds with a laugh, “who better than me.”



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    omg me too!

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