Accidental Sexiness


Selma doesn’t want to be fat! August 15, 2008

Gawd, who does?  Selma Blair doesn’t like the fact that she had to put on some pounds for her role in the new sitcom she is working on for NBC entitled, “Kath & Kim.”  Selma described the weight gain as “unpleasant.”

“I’d have lacerations on my body from my shorts being so tight,” Selma revealed.

“They’d yell ‘cut’, and people would come over with a bathrobe because I was so embarrassed about the flab rolling over.”

“It was so ugly,” she continued. “That and my double chin. I’ve lost the weight but it’s difficult to get it off as you get older.”

By the looks of these pictures she doesn’t look fat at all!  What’s wrong with having a little meat on yer bones anyways?


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