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Is Naomi Campbell getting married? August 14, 2008

According to Corriere della Sera, Naomi Campbell and her Russian Billionaire boyfriend are going to tie the knot!

They claim that Naomi was overheard while at the Fiat Playa disco in Sardinia saying: ‘This time I’ll marry. Vladi is the right man for me.’

The Italian newspaper also claimed that when Campbell saw the waitresses serving them were dressed in flimsy outfits she asked managers to make sure they were served only by men.

She also bizarrely later asked them to bring in 50 wheelbarrows of sand so she could dance on it, the newspaper reported.

Does that poor guy realize what he is getting into?



8 Responses to “Is Naomi Campbell getting married?”

  1. lena Says:

    I feel sorry for that Russian guy
    So many pretty woman around
    And smart too…
    He did not have to pick this shit….
    Well, this is not gonna last long
    Especially with Russian man
    They are use too diffetent type
    Plus that Naomi is so huge Just like a big man ,
    not a chick at all ….
    Makes me think that she smells bad too…

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    ha ha ha, you think she looks stinky?!

  3. ccch Says:

    What a bunch of jealous losers!. Russian women are humongous Ingas!!!

    If they’re happy, so be it. Keep your jealousy underwraps!

  4. humongous Ingas? ha ha ha ha

  5. Yahomegirl Says:

    Er, Lena, what kinda comment is that??? U hardly even know them!….Man, haters need to get a life….I mean I’m not exactly a fan of Naomi and I don’t think that way!

  6. Yeah I’m not a fan either but I completely agree with you. She is a supermodel after all!!

  7. Moomik Says:

    I hear she is a real bitch. But hey, it is he who is going to deal with this 🙂

  8. I know right! I bet this guy has her in check!

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