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Diane Kruger does InStyle UK August 13, 2008

Beautiful, German actress Diane Kruger is InStyle UK’s latest covergirl for their September 2008 edition.  The exceptionally understated actress talks about her dreams of becoming a ballerina, her break-out role in the Brad Pitt flick “Troy” and where she finds her fashion inspirations.

“It put me on the map-I had never been on a Hollywood set.  Now I live in the shadow of “Troy,” she says with mock drama.  “I was very naive and green when I made that film.  A double-edged sword, I guess.”

Diane just finished work on two films that will release in 2009, “Mr. Nobody” with Jared Leto and “Run for her life” with Dermott Mulroney.


2 Responses to “Diane Kruger does InStyle UK”

  1. gunawan Says:

    its good for intertaimen

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