Accidental Sexiness


When bad clothes happen to good people August 11, 2008

28 year old Dominicana Dania Ramirez who plays Maya on one of my favorite shows Heroes committed a fashion no no!  She attended the Whaleman Foundation Benefit Dinner, Los Angeles and wore just about the ugliest outfit I have ever seen!

This outfit made her look at least 10 years older than what she is. Someone please kill the trend of the high waisted jeans, they look like mom jeans, blech!  That puffy sleeve shirt isn’t doing much for her either.


2 Responses to “When bad clothes happen to good people”

  1. kris Says:

    wow, that is really bad. i’d luv to hear what kojo would have to say about that;)

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    lmfao yeah Kojo would let her have it!

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