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Orlando has the buzz! August 9, 2008

I never get to see enough pictures of Orlando Bloom. Today was my lucky day! Here are a few shotz of Orly in Croatia this week. He looks so hot in those aviator glasses and that knew buzz cut he got!

Orlando was visiting Croatia at the invitation of Producer Branko Lustigom whom he worked with in “The Kingdom of Heaven.” They enjoyed dinner at Zagreb Kaptol, no word why they were meeting. Could it be for a role in his new movie, “Falasha?” Gossip is also that he might be looking for a new location for one of his films?

Here is a pic of them at dinner:


4 Responses to “Orlando has the buzz!”

  1. sam lewis Says:

    I believe they were meeting about potentially collaborating on Falasha. There are rumors in town that Bloom is being considered for the lead part of explorer Jacques Faitlovitch.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Wow I was right! I hope to here more about this soon.

  3. Orlando is supposedly quite the adventurer so it would make sense if this role appealed to him!

    Why isn’t he listed on cast on imdb yet though?

  4. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Maybe he hasn’t confirmed yet?

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