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Leave Lily Allen alone! August 8, 2008

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This poor girl!  She has just lost her beloved grandmother and is caring for her grieving grandfather and the press just don’t leave her alone.  Lily has gone out of her way to stay out of the limelight and grieve in peace and on an attempt to go out the poor girl looses a boob out of her shirt!  She later is spotted with the opposite boob exposed!


She posted this message on her myspace today:

making a boob

hello , i wore a loose fitting t shirt yesterday . I was very hot in London yesterday , and it’s no secret I don’t like wearing bras , besides i don’t need to, measuring in at 32A it hardly seems necessary .My boob fell out twice and people on the blogs are saying it was a publicity stunt . Can I just say , i have been keeping myself very much to myself recently , i’ve been gardening , decorating my new flat and looking after my greiving grandfather .

If i wanted publicity , i’d be accepting invitations not to mention money for turning up to glamourous events . I’m actually trying really hard to be out of the public eye , as I’m really proud of the work i’ve put into my album and I want people to appreciate the music , yes I enjoy attention and praise , thats why i went into this job . But don’t accuse me of purposely slipping out of my clothes to get attention and press . I hate the fact that there are always 10 middle aged men following me everywhere that i go .

I understand that it’s the price i pay for having a nice house and nice clothes , and i treat them with courtesy when i don’t think that they particularly deserve it . i’m a very independent person and I like to live as normal a life as anybody where I can ,I live by myself , i drive myself around and run all my errands by myself . It’s actually incredibly embarrasing and lonely when I’m walking down the street and men are chasing me with their cameras , drawing attention to me and people then pointing and taking out their camera’s and phones all getting in on the action . I’m 5″2 i’m 23 and this stuff gets to me every so often , so when you see pictures of ” lily looking , glum” or ” lily in tears , again” it’s not because i’m upset about my relationships or because i’m hungover . It’s because i’m on my own and people are pointing at me like an animal in the zoo , talking about me as if i’m not there, meanwhile 10 -20 guys are all making money catching every second of it . Anyway my point is , i would never use my body in that way , I’m just not that kind of girl .


One Response to “Leave Lily Allen alone!”

  1. kevin Says:

    yeah, leave her alone! Low profile, is hard to do when the paparazzi wait at your door. This kind of extreme harassment, both by the paparazzi and the people that write about her is uncalled for. Some of the public actually believe that Lily Allen says everything, that’s written down in papers. The end result for some saying, (mimic) We are tied of her! Meanwhile she spends her time, sitting at home, or walking her dog. When the above blog was written, Lily Allen laughed, (@ herself) she found out what people thought, and she cried, I have to admit, making a boob is a cute blog title. Stalking is Illegal! if we know that then this should certainly apply. Lots a Lily Allen love. Kevin.

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