Accidental Sexiness


Keanu Reeves loves his motorcycle! August 8, 2008

The “Matrix” star Keanu Reeves loves his motorcycle! Whenever he is not on location I find these hot pics of him on his chopper.

He’s got that sexy rugged look going on!

Next up for our boy Keanu, he is starring in the re-make of the 1951 flick “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” He plays the role of Klattu, an alien who visits Earth with his robot. This movie will hit theaters on December 12th.


3 Responses to “Keanu Reeves loves his motorcycle!”

  1. Raymound Miller Says:

    He sucks! Hes out of work and nobody hire him!

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    I love Keanu but that new movie sounds pretty bad!

  3. clmco Says:

    I love keanu and I can’t wait for his next movie.
    It is getting good feedback so far. Just some
    nay sayers that are fans of the original. Hopefully
    it will do well.

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