Accidental Sexiness


Tattoo’ed Italian beauty in Miami July 6, 2008

Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis thought no one would recognize her here on the beautiful beaches of Miami. Elisabetta who is a famous television personality in Italy had a small role in the Rob Schneider comedy Deuce Bigalo: European Gigalo has an upcoming movie entitled, “Virgin Territory” and it stars Hayden Christensen and Misha Barton.

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James Blunt, I really want you!

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Here is the official video for James Blunt’s 4th single released entitled, “I really want you” from his second album, ” All the lost souls”


Mandy Moore loves a good fight!

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I don’t look at Mandy Moore and imagine she is the type of girl that goes crazy over a UFC fight. Boy was I wrong!

She is screaming so loud it seems to be annoying the hell out of David Spades’s date sitting nearby. In nearly all the pix the too-pretty-for-Spade chick is covering her sensitive ears. Please girl, your there with David Spade! Why are chix attracted to him?


Marisa Miller takes you to Pleasure Beach

Sounds like THE place to be no? Sexy Victoria Secret supermodel Marissa Miller has done an amazing spread for GQ August 2008.

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Seth Rogen talks Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen chats to Rove about his new pot smokin’ movie with not-so-hunky-in-this-movie James Franco entitled, “Pineapple Express”. Seth seems to be trying to get in shape for his new film “The Green Hornet”.


Pamela Anderson celebrates Vegas style

Pamela Anderson celebrated her 41st birthday at LAX Nightclub in Vegas yesterday. The sexy Canadian doesn’t look a day over……well…….41!

Thanks to Sexy reader mj69 who pointed out that the guy in the pix is not Tommy Lee! It’s actually Criss Angel?! WTF?

She makes eating a cake look like a porno!

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Kelly Taylor arrived on set!

Jennie Garth who became famous on the hit show Beverly Hills 90210 as Kelly Taylor is coming back to the famous zip code as a guidance counselor. Sounds kinda boring, maybe she becomes involved with a student or something!? Plus if Shannon Doherty who I am sure has time on her schedule re-joins as Brenda Walsh and nemesis of Kelly Taylor I may be forced to watch this latest incarnation of 90210!

Here is Jennie on set of the future CW hit in the first few she is carrying a giant leaf of some sort? Maybe she is going to teach the kids some lessons on not growing giant weed plants?! And in the 2nd set she is wearing a really cute outfit!