Accidental Sexiness


Who do these long toes belong to? July 5, 2008

I saw this picture and thought, WOW she has some long azz toes! Can you guess?

It’s “My Name is Earl” star Jamie Pressley! She attended the Grand Opening of Christian Audigier at The Nightclub at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Las Vegas yesterday.


2 Responses to “Who do these long toes belong to?”

  1. Rolf Chakras Says:

    Yup, she certainly has some long toes, but the celebrity with the biggest differential between height and toe length is undoubtedly Shannon Doherty. I have a tape of her appearance on a talk show that proves she’s a feetfingers behemoth. She told the host – and the studio audience – that her toes were long. Even with advance knowledge, there are audible gasps in the crowd when Ms. Doherty reveals her piggies. I think Fox should have a show that consists of nothing but young girls sucking their own toes. I’d dig seeing LeAnn Rimes and porn storn Chloe Dior have a suck-off of long second toe mutants. Now that’s reality TV.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    rofl! I want to see that video of Shannon’s toes! It sounds hilarious!

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