Accidental Sexiness


Clipz from around the web July 2, 2008

Its good to be Eva Mendes –> I’m not obsessed

Karma bites Rose McGowen in the azz –> Flawed Hollywood

Mini Me cheated on me! –> Popcrunch

Mandy Moore dumps the geek –> Faded Youth Blog

A-Rod’s Wife is cheating with Lenny Kravitz? –> Gawker

Janet Jackson hearts Couture –> Socialite’s Life

Britney has no judgment skillz –> Jossip

DMX hearts Jail! –> Yahoo News

Naomi Watts is knocked up again! –> Celebrity Mound


11 Responses to “Clipz from around the web”

  1. calvin Says:

    looking hot very hot

  2. mirelli Says:

    She looks so sexy! And I’m not a lesbian or anything!

  3. dsgre Says:

    you’re fucking hot

  4. james Says:

    dont look at my future girl fruit

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna fuck her so much

  6. Paulin M. Says:

    Hi Eva…
    you’re so beautiful like an angel
    you have a fresh skin so i have always
    a soft spot for you…have anice day

    Paulin Mume
    Monuc DPKO
    Katanga / DRC

  7. sandy Says:

    first off all she look like the the my friends sister,she is very sexy and i fucke her countinously for 1 week ,so i want to fuck this EVA the same way ,EVA u look sexey bitch………()——

  8. Anonymous Says:

    eva mendes ur the best!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    i gotta poop

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ur boobs r so sexyy

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