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Steve Carell has style! May 31, 2008

I opened up my InStyle magazine this month (June 2008 )and they had this nice article on Steve Carell.

He also think his kids are funnier than him! Click here for the story!


Dave Matthews Band live from the studio!

Check out the first Dave Matthews Band video of 2008, live from the studio. Dave Matthews Band is currently working with producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Alanis Morissette) on its latest album. Guitarist and longtime friend Tim Reynolds has joined the band in the studio for the first time since 1998’s Before These Crowded Streets.


Do aliens exist?

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This guy seems to think so! He is convinced that this image looking through his window is an alien. You be the judge….

[redlasso id=”5c6107d2-ed26-4e05-b056-cd1c7bad57de”]


Amy Winehouse totally messed up during Portugal performance

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This girl is an outrage! The crowd cheers for her and she is just babbling all sorts of random craziness! Why won’t anyone force this girl to get treatment?

This is her first official performance since going “rehab” and she showed up an hour late, performed horribly and drank like a fish! During the middle of her performance she walked off stage for no reason then came running back in.

Click here for the videos!


New Linkin Park vid leaked!

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Here it is two days early! New Linkin Park entitled, “Leave out all the rest”


My hot Friday night with Mark Wahlberg

Yeah, I wish…..

Sexy movie star Mark Wahlberg was on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last night. Seriously, I could watch anything with him on mute and still be fully entertained. That is one hot salchicha!

Jonathan Ross is such a great host. He brings up the most embarrassing, random tidbits about celebrities lives and turns it into the best Q and A I have ever seen. He puts Mark on the spot about his early years being a delinquent growing up in Boston and even puts his video from when he was with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! Mark reveals that although Marky Mark has retired his “cross colors” gear the Funky Bunch are making a comeback. I guess it seemed like a good time to do so since the New Kids on the Block got back together. Who better for an opening act?

Sorry I was totally being sarcastic. What are they going to do? Sing “Good Vibrations” over and over? Plus without the appeal of Mark Wahlberg I hope they have some REALLY good tracks.

Here is the full interview:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wait there’s more!


New Madonna video-“Give it to me”

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