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Carmen Electra shows off her new black diamond engagement ring! April 25, 2008

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(c) Jack Plunkett-AP

Newly engaged Carmen Electra shows off her new black diamond engagement ring. What kind of ring to you expect for this rocker chick? Her fiance, guitarist Rob Patterson proposed last weekend. The couple has been dating for less than a year.

Seeing that she is on her 3rd time down the aisle let’s hope she waits a little bit before taking the plunge. One Pamela Anderson is bad enough.


11 Responses to “Carmen Electra shows off her new black diamond engagement ring!”

  1. Looks like a saphire from here, a cheap on at that, haha. I prefer the classic D/fl round brilliants myself. Looks to big for her finger too….

    I’m sure its beautiful up close 🙂

    Congrats Carmen!

  2. terry lee Says:

    even i recently got engaged & my man got me a 85 pt balck dia w 24 5pt white diamonds around it in a daisy setting a 3pc engagement ring that’s way beatiful & bigger !!!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    It’s pretty sad how competative people are! Just because they are famous, doesn’t mean she has to have a huge ring! As long as she’s happy with it then who gives a shit! She’s the one wearing it!!! Some people need to grow up!

  4. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Thanks for that Tiffany! I agree 100%. It’s such a competition out there with engagement rings. She seems to be so happy with it!

  5. poo Says:

    shes stupid duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

  6. Let’ see how for it will go. Wait and watch, Carmen Electra .

  7. carmen electra is so beautiful much to beautiful than that creature shes engaged to wow that ring really brings out her beauty

  8. accidentalsexiness Says:

    lol in her defense this is not a great picture of him! He looks cuter in other pictures.

  9. elma Says:

    she is soooo beautiful

  10. farundalafan Says:

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  11. This reminds me of my cousin and her wedding. It turned out to be quite an amazing setting and situation after they got everything together. Honestly, it surprised us all, but we were very happy for the both of them.

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