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David Duchovny hearts sex! August 28, 2008

Ok this news caught me completely off guard!  X-Files star David Duchovny has checked into a rehab facility to treat his sexual addiction.  Duchovny, who is currently starring in “Californication” where he plays a womanizing writer, entered rehab today.

“I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” he said in a statement released through his lawyer, Stanton “Larry” Stein. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”

His wife Tea Leoni must have busted him after having an affair or something!


Pamela gets loose for Letterman! July 30, 2008

Pamela Anderson will be on David Letterman to promote her new show “Girl on the Loose” but did you guys know that she was originally approached for the role of Agent Scully on the X-Files? OMG what a joke!  No one would have taken it seriously and it would have lasted for about 5 shows before it was canceled!

No offense to Pammy but she is made for Baywatch roles and Barb Wire, not the X-Files!


The X-Files London Premiere!

Agent Scully and Agent Mulder have gone to London to premiere their new X-Files movie. Earlier today Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were on English talk show Richard & Judy check out the clip here. I hope the numbers pick up for them across the pond, the movie opened here #4!

Here are the pix from tonight’s premiere in London (I love this first pic of Gillian!):

Click here for a vid!


The X-Files got pwned! July 27, 2008

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I definitely knew the Dark Knight would continue kickin’ azz in the theaters but I figured X-Files would have come in second place, but they came in 4th! I guess they left too much time after the first one. I am utterly shocked that the silly Will Ferrell comedy came in second place! Has anyone out there seen it?


Late Night T.V. Rewind 7/22/08 July 23, 2008

Quite a few shows either had boring guests or are back to repeats. But we do have some Gillian Anderson! Here is the rewind:

Gillian Anderson on the Tonight Show talks about her pregnancy and living in London

Click here for more vids!


Gillian Anderson and David Duchovony together again! July 21, 2008

This is the first interview for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovony in nearly a decade! They are out promoting their new X-Files movie with CBS Early Show.

The script for the movie has been kept so top secret!  So do they hook up in the movie?


Late Night TV Rewind 7/15/08 July 16, 2008

I have to start off the Rewind with one of my favorite singers Jakob Dylan. But don’t worry there is a lot more in the T.V. Rewind:

Jakob Dylan performs, “Something Good this way Comes” on Leno

Click here for more!


Agent Scully makes an alien look sexy! July 9, 2008

Gillian Anderson like you have never seen her before! Here are some pictures from her spread in Esquire UK August 2008 edition where she embraces those aliens she searches for in the X-Files. They must have taken these awhile back because she is pregnant at moment with Baby #3.


Even celebrities get celebrity crushes! May 19, 2008

Poor Simon Pegg! He was recently introduced to X-Files hottie Gillian Anderson and the way he was introduced was nothing less than embarrassing. They were introduced during the filming of their new movie, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”. Pegg used to be on a sitcom called “Spaced” where his character used to “pleasure” himself while thinking of her.

He said: “I was trying to keep it quiet but the a producer introduced me saying: ‘This is Simon. He did that thing about w***ing over you in Spaced.”

“I was mortified. What do you say to that? But she took it well and I’ve given her the DVDs to watch.”

“It also made it a bit awkward telling my wife who my new co-star was. You know how couples have a list of famous people you would be allowed to sleep with if you ever had the chance. Well for most people that would never be an issue, but Gillian is on my list. Of course I didn’t act on it.” said Pegg. His poor wife must have been worried!


Trailer for X-Files Movie May 12, 2008

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Yay! My videos are up again! Here is the new trailer for the X-Files movie. Enjoy it while you can, I have seen others have to take it down.

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