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James Franco is stoner of the year! October 2, 2008

For his role as a total pothead in “Pineapple Express,” James Franco was awarded at the 8th Annual High Times Stony Awards in Malibu on September 27th.

He actually looks pretty stoned in the first picture!  Who cares, he is so hot!


James Franco does GQ! August 14, 2008

OMG James Franco is so hot!  Have I mentioned that before?  James is the latest coverguy for GQ September 2008 edition.  While this is the fall/winter edition I am glad to see he is not all covered up and hidden!

I have not seen “Pineapple Express” yet.  I get so busy during the weekends, has anyone seen it yet?

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James Franco chats with Jimmy Kimmel August 8, 2008

Pineapple Express has already opened up at the theaters but I am grateful that James Franco is still out promoting it!  Here is his interview from last nights Jimmy Kimmel.  He is so cute that he always talks about his family!

He also talks about his new movie with Sean Penn where he has to make-out with Sean and do a whole love scene.  My favorite is his story about him and Sean comparing prosthetic penises!


Rosie Perez visits Jimmy Kimmel August 6, 2008

Anything with Rosie Perez makes me crack up! She talks about her beef with Jay-Z, her kinda new beef with Kanye West, and her new movie Pineapple Express. I love her story about her big family and how she takes them and her ghetto friends to her movie premieres!


Seth Rogen and James Franco go unscripted! August 4, 2008

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The two stars of Pineapple Express Seth Rogen and James Franco go unscripted and ask each other questions about their new movie and questions sent in by fans.


Amber Heard goes glam for premiere! August 1, 2008

Is there a dress code suggestion that goes out with invitations to movie premieres?  If I was invited to a premiere I would dress up to the 9′s like Amber Heard and make my appearance known!  You saw the pictures of Alicia Silverstone’s arrival at the same red carpet dressed in jeans and her husband is dressed in like a flannel plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Amber plays Angie Anderson in this rated “R” flick and it opens in theaters August 6th.



Alicia Silverstone goes for some Pineapple

Last night, Pineapple Express premiered in Westwood and I spotted a face we don’t get to see much of, Alicia Silverstone. She stepped out with her hubby of 3 years Christopher Jarecki.

But get ready to see more of Silverstone who is making a return to the small screen for a new ABC show entitled, “Bad Mother’s Handbook”. She will be playing a 32-year old mom with a 16 year old daughter who also has to care for her 48 year old mother.

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My sexy pineapple, James Franco

One of my only reasons to go and see Pineapple Express is James Franco! He sat down this week with David Letterman to promote the new movie. In this interview he confesses to be traumatized with talk shows because of Tony Danza. He hasn’t done talk shows since The Tony Danza Show and I am so glad he finally returned.

I love his story about how his family was against him becoming an actor and after he became successful the whole family followed his lead. Also touched upon, his stint as a McDonald’s drive thru employee!


James Franco so hot….talks Pineapple Express July 31, 2008

I don’t know that I would be excited about this movie if it wasn’t for James Franco. Body-wise he looked smokin’ in Spiderman but we will get to see his silly side on this one.


Amber Heard is Maxim Covergirl! July 23, 2008

Amber Heard is going to bust onto your screens this summer in Pineapple Express. This Texas native is not shy, she says in her interview that she wants to have sex with as many men possible before she gets married! I doubt the men out there will complain.

Pineapple Express stars Seth Rogan & James Franco. Check it out at your local theater theater on August 6th in the U.S., Australia on August 7th, and September 12th in the UK.

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