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Heroes: Our Father preview! December 4, 2008

I just saw this preview for the new episode of “Heroes” that will air on December 8th entitled, “Our Father” so I had to run and upload it!

I can’t wait!


Milo Ventimiglia Mega Post! November 29, 2008

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milowow4 milowow8

“Heroes” star Milo Ventimiglia did this gorgeous photoshoot and I couldn’t resist posting the whole thing!  I have no clue of when they were taken or by whom.  But really, who cares?  He looks irresistable!

I think the fact that they are black and white photo adds to the beauty of these shotz.

Click here to see the pictures!


Milo Ventimiglia on Regis & Kelly November 17, 2008

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Am I obsessed? Yeah, it’s Milo what can I say? My favorite “Heroes” star was on Regis & Kelly this morning to chat about the show, being Peter and not much else I’m afraid. He was on for like 5 seconds!? If you blinked you missed it.

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Milo Ventimiglia breaks for coffee! October 30, 2008

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“Heroes” star Milo Ventimiglia was spotted this week buying coffee!  Yes, that is all that it takes for me to get excited!  Is anyone out there watching Heroes?  Man, I’m so excited the show is finally starting to pick up steam.  The first few episodes were a little dissapointing but I am starting to put more faith in the writers.

Milo has three cups of coffee in there, I wonder if one belongs to his girlfriend and co-star Hayden Panettiere?


Hayden Panettiere on Ellen October 23, 2008

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Hayden Panettiere was on Ellen today and boy was she ballsy! She totally lifts her dress up and shows Ellen what she is wearing underneath!

Ellen tried to sneak in some Milo but Hayden didn’t fall for it!

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Milo hearts Burberry! October 21, 2008

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For all my Milo Ventimiglia fans out there, it’s been a good week!  Milo was spotted at the Burberry store re-opening in Beverly Hills last night.

“I always dug what Burberry was trying to do with the classics and merging into a real modern feel,” said Milo.

“I thought it was a cool thing to come out and support.”

UPDATE: Found some gorgeous ones of him smiling!!


Milo Ventimiglia on The Bonnie Hunt Show

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Milo Ventimiglia, one of the hottest guys on “Heroes,” was on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” yesterday. He chats about growing up in Orange County, getting into the business, being a vegetarian from the womb, Heroes and unfortunately he doesn’t want to chat about Hayden!

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Milo: Why so serious? October 20, 2008

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I don’t think Milo Ventimiglia likes the paparazzi very much! I rarely see many candids of him and girlfriend Hayden Panettiere when they are not at a party. Milo looks cute with that hat on! I just wish he would have cracked his signature smile at us!

Milo is going to be on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” today. Don’t worry “Heroes” fans, I have the DVR on!


Hayden Panettiere on Letterman September 6, 2008

Gorgeous Hayden Panettiere was on David Letterman last night to talk about her passion for saving whales, and Heroes.

She is dressed up and looking very mature!  She is 19 years old and dating an older (31 year old) co-star Milo Ventimiglia.


Heroes Cast Photos! August 21, 2008

Yes, I am obsessed with Heroes!  I am going to have to single out birthday girl Hayden Panettiere who turns 19 today!

Check out the rest of the cast photos:



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