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Is anyone gonna watch Disaster Movie? August 15, 2008

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I recently watched “Meet the Spartans” while at someone’s house and honestly I was beggin’ to be shot! It was really that bad!

If it sells tickets, I bet it will only be because of Carmen Electra!


Lisa Lampanelli on Wendy Williams

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I thought I had a dirty azz mouth but Lisa Lampanelli definitely takes the cake. Lisa was on Wendy Williams show today trying to trash talk on the “Flight of the Conchords” because they won the Grammy and she didn’t! Hater!

Wendy Williams is so crazy with that new hairdo! I watch this show everyday just to see what she’s done to her hair!

Click here for Part 2


Nicole and Lewis are still an item!

Amidst rumors of a break-up, Nicole Scherzinger and her Formula 1 boyfriend Lewis Hamilton are still very much together.  The sexy two-some were spotted leaving Nobu Berkeley restaurant in London on Wednesday.

If these two were to make babies one day I think they would make amazing babies! They are the tan version of Brad and Angie!


Trailer for movie “Red”


Based on a novel by Jack Ketchum
An older, reclusive man’s best friend and inspiration for living is his 14-year-old dog named “Red”. When three troublesome teens kill the dog for no good reason, the grieving man sets out for justice and redemption by whatever means available to him. (IMDb)

If someone killed my dog, I’d shoot him too!



Brenda’s Back!

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Brenda Walsh, oh how we’ve missed you!  We can finally see Shannon Doherty appear in the new promo for the new “90210” show for the CW network.

If Kelly and Brenda weren’t coming back, I doubt I would watch this show.  Since they are, I can’t wait till it premieres on September 2nd!


Sir Ben Kingsley on Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson totally called Ghandi a dirty skank!  He is currently promoting his new movie with Penelope Cruz entitled, “Elegy.”


Selma doesn’t want to be fat!

Gawd, who does?  Selma Blair doesn’t like the fact that she had to put on some pounds for her role in the new sitcom she is working on for NBC entitled, “Kath & Kim.”  Selma described the weight gain as “unpleasant.”

“I’d have lacerations on my body from my shorts being so tight,” Selma revealed.

“They’d yell ‘cut’, and people would come over with a bathrobe because I was so embarrassed about the flab rolling over.”

“It was so ugly,” she continued. “That and my double chin. I’ve lost the weight but it’s difficult to get it off as you get older.”

By the looks of these pictures she doesn’t look fat at all!  What’s wrong with having a little meat on yer bones anyways?


Renee Zellwegger in My One and Only

Renee Zellwegger is currently filming a new movie entitled, “My One and Only” with Kevin Bacon and Chris Noth.  She stars as the glamorous Anne Deveraux who takes a road trip down the Eastern Seaboard in search for a wealthy man to fund a new life for her and her two sons.

Kevin Bacon will play a band leader she leaves behind when she embarks on the trip. Sex and the City star Chris Noth stars as a doctor she meets along the road.  Rumor has it that Renee handpicked Chris for the role, who wouldn’t want to star opposite Mr. Big after all?

“My One and Only” is being Directed by British Director Richard Loncraine who also directed “Firewall” and “Wimbledon.”

Click here for more pix!


Who is Minnie Driver’s baby daddy?

Is Minnie Driver sporting an engagement ring?  I notice there is a ring on a very important finger on Minnie!  The actress has not said much about the father of her child, so little in fact I was starting to wonder if maybe she really just opted to use a sperm bank. After the baby is born though I expect the daddy might be around more.

There is speculation that her baby is a girl and by the looks of it she could be due any day now.  Is it possible that Minnie will pop before Gwen Stefani?  For now, Minnie looks to be enjoying her pregnancy and is sharing a great day at the beach in Malibu with her adored dog Bubba.



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