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My White Tie Affair August 5, 2008

The White Tie Affair………

When you think of a white tie affair you think, formal event, classical music, and maybe caviar but instead, it’s the name of the next up & coming band from Chicago, Illinois; and on a very humid Sunday Fort Lauderdale night at The Culture Room, it was far from a formal affair.

Having never heard much from this band except for what I’d seen on MTV, I came to this show completely neutral, but left with a new band to keep my eye on. The White Tie Affair left an impression on me, not only because of their good looks (yeah they’re hot!), but also because of their high-energy performance. If there is one thing I can say about The White Tie Affair is that there was never a dull moment during their performance. Lead singer Chris, who looks like a combination of James Franco and Seann William Scott with a twist of Adam Levine, worked the crowd like a total rockstar, the fans couldn’t get enough!

After the five or six songs they played, Mr. Right being my favorite, the only thing I could think is, “Why aren’t these guys headliners?”

This performance, I’m sure, won TWTA tons of new fans, me being one of them. Check out The White Tie Affair here and here!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story where I get a little more personal with Chris, Sean P, Ryan, Tim & Ryan Hollywood!

Here is a live vid of their performance in Atlanta:


Sienna Miller does Elle Russia

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Does Sienna Miller have any fans left? If so, all three of you (probably family) should pick up the latest edition of Elle Russia. For the rest of you who just want to make fun, here ya go!
Click here for more!


Carrie Underwood: Just a Dream

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Check out the latest video from Carrie Underwood entitled, “Just a Dream”


Tori Spelling gets new juniors fashion line!

Has her mother still not given her any money? This girl is keeping so busy with so many projects and she has two kids! I barely have time to write this story and I don’t have half the things she has going on!

Tori and hubby Dean visited “The Early Show” earlier this month and she talked about her new baby girl, her new clothing line, and her new show with hubby Dean McDermott called, “Home Sweet Hollywood.”


Listen to the New Kids on the Block Album!

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VH-1 just posted their new greatest hits album on their site that includes all the fun oldies and 4 bonus tracks.

Check it out!


Trailer for new movie “Appaloosa”

Two friends (Viggo Mortensen & Ed Harris) hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow. (IMDb)

Releases: September 17, 2008



Who’s the Batman fan?

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Click here for the answer!


Who wants more Alan Rickman?

I posted recently about Alan Rickman’s appearance at the premiere for his new movie “Bottle Shock” and I’ve come across some more pix.  I know you big Rickman fans out there don’t mind!

Freddy Rodriguez is not so bad on the eyes either, Bill Pullman looks quite old imho.


Want to smell like Kyle Minogue?

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Australian singer Kyle Minogue has teamed up with Cody and launched her new perfume, “Sexy Darling”

As per her press release:
Sexy Darling’s sensuality is built around the natural floral sexiness of the exotic belle de nuit flower and the red rose, enhanced by a mouth-watering pear note. A veil of musk and sandalwood unite them for a unique, exquisite signature. The resulting distinctive fragrance embodies Kylie’s glamorous, sexy femininity.

Are there any celebrities that don’t have their own perfume?  I’ve smelled a couple like Britney Spears, J-Lo’s and Celine Dion and they all smell like crap!  I hope Kyle has something better in store!


The Vatican is moving to Los Angeles!

The Vatican banned the makers of the prequel to The Da Vinci Code entitled, “Angels & Demons” from filming in its grounds or any church in Rome, describing the work as as ‘an offense against God’. The movie based on Dan Brown’s thriller, includes key parts that take place in the Vatican and other churches in Rome – Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria.

Father Marco Fibbi, a spokesman for the Diocese of Rome, said: “Normally we read the script but this time it was not necessary. The name Dan Brown was enough.”

So the film crew was able to get shots of the outside of the Vatican and are currently building a replica of St. Peters Square in Los Angeles to finish the filming. Personally I hope “Angels & Demons” will be better than the film version of “The Da Vinci Code.” I don’t think it did the book justice.

Here are progress shots of the set building in Los Angeles:



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